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First of all, I would like to thank you very much for your smiling face and positive energy, and then for your meticulousness, orderliness, information about the process and guidance at the right time.

Övünç Yuksel


I wanted to express my satisfaction with your rapid resolution of our current rental project, your professional approach, and most importantly, your ability to bring me together with the right tenant. I would like to thank you and your institution for the work you have done.

Erdal Eroğlu


Thanks to your intense efforts and your professionalism that leaves nothing to chance, we sold our flat within the first month of our contract. Success is not a coincidence, thank you very much.

Yunus Çiçek

Consultancy changes very quickly, you understand this job well and apply it. Good luck.

Ziya Kanya

Thank you very much for your follow-up, answers to questions and support during the sale of my house. Kind regards

Umut Yavaş

We were very pleased with your professional and positive approach, your quick action and your 100% achievement of the result. If this were a survey, we would rate our satisfaction at 100%. Thanks for everything.

Onur Sezer

We were extremely pleased with the quality of your service. Thanks to you, we were able to rent our house at the price we wanted and to a good tenant in less than 1 month. We observed a very respectful and careful attitude throughout the service. I hope your work always ends in success.

Anar Guliyev

We were very happy with our work, you do your job professionally. We achieved results very quickly. Thank you for your help.

Nurhayat Ersan

People like you need to be in the real estate industry in Turkey. I think everything was as it should be with you. We stayed at the target price. Communication was very strong. I have never been uneasy, I have endless trust in you. We would like to work with you regarding all our family's affairs. Well done.

Ayça Sezer

First of all, thank you very much for your effort and interest. I would like to thank you for giving me an unforgettable start in my new life and wish you success in your business life.

Gokay Eldem

My wife and I think we received an excellent consultancy service. My wife was supported like a family member during my sales process abroad. The work was done completely professionally from the first moment and the sales process was completed with the same professionalism and quality.

Especially since I have been in contact with many real estate offices lately, I can make the following comparison: There is an incredible difference in quality between them. Even when a topic unrelated to their own portfolio was discussed, information and experience were conveyed to us in great detail, whether it was the course of the real estate industry or the options according to our conditions. Thank you so much for everything. Emre Öztürk


Be sure to call us to get a superior service regarding houses for sale and rent in Güzelbahçe and Urla.

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