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In this section, we tried to answer the questions we hear most. Different
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**Will I make more profit if I sell my real estate myself? The following 5 questions for those who are considering undertaking the sales process of their real estate: We recommend that they answer sincerely.

1. What has recently been sold or is on sale in the area where your property is located? properties, how long they have been on the market and how much they actually sold for. Do you know and follow it regularly?

2. You know the different techniques used when valuing your property. reflects the market value, taking into account points that buyers may object to. Do you trust that you will conduct an objective valuation study?

3. People who call you to see your property will answer their phones with the same excitement and enthusiasm. welcome them with interest and provide them with the time flexibility needed to view the flat. Can you offer?

4. Potential buyers' information regarding your real estate, sales, taxes, loans and title deeds. Do you have the knowledge and experience to answer technical questions?

5. Do you have training and experience in sales and persuasion techniques? If you cannot easily answer "yes" to all of these questions, then Working with a Real Estate Consultant will help you sell your property at its value. It also provides you with the comfort of leaving these issues to the expert. ​


**How ​​many real estate agents should I work with at the same time when selling my property? would it be that good? It is a fact that the more real estate agents who market your house, the more The probability of it being sold is also low. Maybe you do the opposite you were thinking. But we can explain it with this example: your vehicle to a different location You need support to deliver it. The only person you will be responsible for in this matter is Do you think there is one driver or different drivers that change along the way? more accurate? When there is a problem where many people are involved or Who can you hold responsible when your vehicle doesn't reach its destination?

When we look at it from the perspective of possible buyers, the situation is the same. on ad sites The same house has 5 different advertisements and even the prices are different from each other. Have you ever seen one? Unfortunately, we encounter this frequently. This is for buyers arousing suspicion, making the price and addressee uncertain, and affecting the perception of the value of the property. It is a degrading situation. ​ And also for the Real Estate Consultants who undertake the sale of your property. Let's think. If you were one of them, three people including you would be posting at the same time. Would you put more effort into selling a property with real estate, or would you be responsible for the sale? Would you put more effort into selling a property that is only yours? Here is our suggestion to you based on the answers we give to these questions: It means working with ONE person you trust and who is an expert in his field. Because the years Evaluating your investment, which is worth your effort, is an important part of your life. one of the decisions and getting the necessary expert support in this decision, temporal, financial and It prevents you from experiencing spiritual losses. ​

**I was asked to sign a document for sales authorization, I was reluctant to sign. I hesitate. Why should I work with a certificate of authorization? The authorization document protects both you and the real estate consultant. It is a document that summarizes the current way of working. A business deal, always It is made effective by a contract because, as is often said, "Words fly away, writing remains". There are stories we've heard, for example, after he put his house up for sale in the past. He saw an advertisement and photos of his house on the website of a real estate agent he had never met. There are homeowners who communicate. Working with a single authorized person protects you from these risks. It also allows your Real Estate Consultant to share your property with other reliable real estate offices in the region. Thus, while you are dealing with one person, that person will also deliver your property to other Real Estate Consultants and their customers.

Contract containing agreed terms when working with people you trust Do not hesitate to sign. In addition, during the sales process, your consultant will and keep you informed about developments regarding the property at regular intervals. “How many people advertise saw, how many people called, how many people visited the property, what were their comments, offers received Your consultant should inform you about issues such as "how, what may happen in the future." If your consultant does not fulfill his promises, he will return the authorization document. should be able to. In our opinion, the most important thing is to find the right person to work with. Right person, clear agreed terms, mutual good faith and commitment to promises Naturally, it brings success and profit. ​

**I want to invest, where and how should I do it? There is no single correct answer to this question, because there is no correct answer to this question. The answer is personal only. A real Real Estate Consultant will first take you, listens to your purpose, expectations, return/risk perception, time schedule and then It reveals special alternatives for you. Evaluates and eliminates alternatives with you and prioritizes. Afterwards, we will protect you and your rights throughout your purchasing process. It represents you and allows you to make your investment in the most profitable way. How is it for us? There are people we constantly consult on important issues, our family doctor, Just like our lawyer, we are also interested in real estate. Your advisor is someone you can consult constantly and help you with your ideas and decisions. He is the only person you can turn to. You can call us for houses for sale and rent in Güzelbahçe and Urla.

If you have other questions, call us and we will answer them.


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